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Gerald Hector welcomes James Scruggs, CEO of Kingdom Development Partners to It's Easy Son

James, originally from Long Island, NY, received his B.A. from the University of Virginia in May of 2000, after which he joined Bank of America as a Commercial Paper Trader. Due to his uncanny ability to identify properties and situations that are “ripe for development,” James founded J.S. & Associates, Inc. in 2002, which is also central to his vision of economic development and self-sufficiency for families in the greater Charlotte area.

Since relocating to Charlotte, James has been making a name for himself in real estate development with a particular focus on the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in The Queen City. After years in finance with Bank of America, he joined Helen Adams Realty because it shares his commitment to customer service, authenticity, and reliability. James strengths are unlimited drive and creativity, very strong interpersonal skills, a wealth of investment knowledge, a thorough understanding of real estate growth trends in and around Charlotte, and most importantly, absolute integrity.

Through JSA, he has acquired 30 single-family homes and two apartment complexes. One of those apartment complexes is Kingston Apartments, a 35-unit complex that sits on over 4 acres, just minutes from both the south end and uptown and Sandhust Apartments that sits on 13+ acres. He has also used JSA to improve neighborhoods by restoring dilapidated homes or even tearing them down with the purpose of constructing brand new homes in their place. JSA has also allowed him to educate other investors and new homeowners through a quarterly web-based newsletter he produces on all aspects of investing in real estate in smart, sensible ways. As CEO of JSA, James also delivers free investment seminars that educate folks on buying and keeping properties. James also started in 2014 and 2015 his development and construction company called J.S. & Son’s Construction Company, LLC. James has his unlimited commercial and residential General Contracting License. He primarily focuses on building Assisted Living Communities specializing in Alzheimer’s and Dementia. James started Kingdom Development Partners which is a development company which mission is to create transformational projects that provide exceptional real estate services to the communities in which we serve. KDP is currently working on a 45+ townhome development in the well sought-after Wilmore Community, 157 townhome development in University City, 17 townhome development and a 16 single family home community in Enderly Park

James is married to his gorgeous wife Makila who is the Deputy General Counsel at Trane Technologies. James has an amazing 12-year-old son named Jaden and an 8-year-old son Malachi. After a successful 7-year career in the financial banking industry, he made a major life and career change by committing his life to serving those with Alzheimer’s Disease. He is the founder and president of Unlimited Possibilities Family Care Homes, a unique ministry dedicated to changing the way elders are cared for today and in the future. A driving influence of his life change was a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It demonstrated that life is essentially about the legacy you leave behind and how you affect others, in business and personally. Helping others have the ability to live a life with dignity, compassion and purpose are the signature of his communities that he has created for older adults. He plans to continue this mission and offer the best care for seniors and older adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

James is a past member of University Park Baptist Church, where he served as the former fundraising chairperson for the Youth Kingdom Citizens Missions, a ministry whose goal is to send the church's youth to work in missions all around the world. He also gives time and talent to Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America, he was past-president of Focus on Future Leaders. To use the “you reap what you sow” analogy, James has reaped rewards untold through his commitment to helping troubled youths and families find their way out of poverty and despair through community support and economic empowerment.

James and his family (wife, Makila; sons, Jaden & Malachi) are now proud members of Elevation Church. They started coming to Elevation in the summer of 2013 after being invited by some friends. While they were regular church goers, before coming to Elevation, they finally found the Church that was match made in heaven for their entire family.


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