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  • Anthony Ray

Dr. Lawrence Carter, Dean of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Int'l. Chapel joins Gerald on IT'S EASY SON

On the next episode of our weekly podcast, Mr. Hector welcomes Dr. Lawrence Carter. He is the Dean of the Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel on the campus of Morehouse College.

A theologian, author, scholar, mentor and administrator, he has achieved many firsts, and has been recognized by his peers and organizations from all around the globe for his continued work to advance the legacy and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A gifted orator and preacher, he shares about his early years growing up in Georgia, and vividly recounts a powerful story of why he was (and still is) determined to work to "take the rope down."

A published author whose books are translated into several languages. A man of deep faith and conviction. Most importantly a man full of wisdom based on his life experiences and his time spent in ministry both inside and outside of the sphere of higher education.

This interview is part reflection and part inspiration, from a man who has stewarded his role as the founding Dean of the Chapel for over forty plus years. This is an episode you don't want to miss, as we weave into the discussion the present and the past, and discuss what's next for our nation and our world.

It's Easy Son: Life Lessons on Your Journey To Your Promise is a weekly, one-hour broadcast of interviews of thought leaders from a broad spectrum of society where we ask them about their journey from childhood to the place they hold now in society. The show is birthed out of my first book published in October of 2019. It is entitled, "It's Easy Son, Quit Making Things Difficult: Lasting Life Lessons from a Coach and Mentor".


It's Easy Son: Life Lessons on Your Journey To Your Promise airs on HBCUiRadio and HBCU Smart TV ( Amazon Fire TV, Roku and on Wednesday evenings at 8pm ET and weekends at 8am ET.

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