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  • Anthony Ray

This week on #InTheHuddle, Lurone "Coach" Jennings talks to Anthony Ray, Founder of The HBCU Nation

Anthony Ray, Founder of The HBCUNation, joins Lurone "Coach" Jennings for a great conversation about his assignments, the story behind The HBCU Nation, The HBCU Project and where we are today.

Anthony Ray is the Founder of The HBCU Nation, Creator/Producer/Host of The HBCU Nation Radio Show and the visionary behind HBCUiRadio and HBCU Smart TV, the Premier Destination of HBCU News, Sports and Culture.

In the Huddle with Lurone "Coach" Jennings is a weekly one-hour broadcast on HBCUiRadio which topics include Professional Development, Economic Empowerment and Upward Mobility.  Coach Jennings is a proud alumn of Fisk University, located in Nashville Tennessee.  In the Huddle with Lurone "Coach" Jennings broadcasts on @HBCUiRadio and @HBCUSmartTV ( Amazon Fire TV and Roku) on Monday evenings at 7pm ET and weekends at 9am ET. 

You can join Lurone Jennings on Facebook and Instagram InTheHuddle.Live and

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