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  • Anthony Ray

The HBCU Nation is very excited to welcome #UbongoKids and #AkiliAndMe to HBCUSmartTV & HBCUiRadio!

In support of our K-12 educational pipeline initiative, The HBCU Nation is very excited to welcome Ubongo Kids to #HBCUSmart TV and #HBCUiRadio!

"Ubongo Kids is a kids' educational cartoon that follows the problem-solving adventures of the Ubongo Kids: five friends who love learning science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), and life skills, and use their new knowledge to solve problems and mysteries in Kokotoa Village. The show has grown from Tanzania's first homegrown cartoon, to a Pan-African series on TV in 5 languages and 33 countries." Ubongo Kids is for viewers age 7-14 and subject matter includes Math, Science, Engineering, Technology(STEM), Character, Strengths, and Life Skills.

"Akili is a curious 4-year-old who lives with her family at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. She has a secret: every night when she falls asleep, she enters the magical world of Lala Land, where she and her animal friends learn all about language, letters, numbers and art, while developing kindness and coming to grips with their emotions and rapidly changing toddler lives! With broadcast in 9 countries and a massive international online following, kids from around the world love going on magical learning adventures with Akili!" Akili and Me is for viewers ages 3-5 and subjects include: Numeracy Preliteracy, Social Emotional Learning, English as a Second Language (ESL), Health and Art.

"Ubongo uses the power of fun catchy songs and storylines, the reach of mass and digital media technology, and rigorous research to create and deliver educational content in local languages to kids across Africa. See how your contribution can impact the lives of real families across Africa."

As stated on their website, "At Ubongo we leverage the power of entertainment, the reach of mass media, and the connectivity of mobile devices, to deliver effective, localized learning to African families at low cost & massive scale." Viewers can support the programming of Ubongo International - #Learning4All Fund (

Ubongo Kids and Akili and Me will air during #SmartFunStuff and will air Monday - Saturday between the hours of 8am -12 noon EST. In addition to Ubongo Kids and Akili and Me, #SmartFunStuff will broadcast, Eagles Read, Rhythm and Reading, Get STEMSkills, cyberTHIS!, Dr. JAH and Katina's Klassroom.

HBCUiRadio can be heard on Tunein (, Amazon Alexa and Siri. HBCU Smart TV can be viewed on Amazon Fire TV, Roku and

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