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  • Anthony Ray

The HBCU Nation announces its residency in STEM City USA!

The HBCU Nation is proud to have a room in STEM City USA! STEM City USA metaverse is owned and managed by Career Communications Group, a multicultural media company led by CEO and STEMCityUSA Mayor, Tyrone "DocT" Taborn.

“When the pandemic hit, Career Communications Group had already been on a major path,” he explained. “We had gone well beyond virtual. We knew we had to go 365 days a year. So, we invested in building this platform for our conferences, which leads back to our efforts in the digital divide. And that became STEM City USA, promoting science and technology. Thousands of people were brought under the digital sky and we haven’t missed a heartbeat.” source: ‘Come to STEM City USA if you want to Build in the Sky,’ Taborn says – US Black Engineer Author-Lango Deen

The HBCU Nation and affiliate properties, HBCUiRadio, HBCU Smart TV, Smart Fun Stuff ( K-12 Educational Programming) and partner, Be Prepared America-Registered Apprenticeship Program.

You can check out the city via the web at

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