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  • Anthony Ray

SPC4Life Unity Day

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

SPC4Life UNITY DAY was held on the campus of the historic Saint Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Virginia on Saturday, July 17, 2021 and what a joyous time it was! The day started greetings from Rev. Brad Mongo Bradley, the Faith Committee Chair and prayer from Pastor Rodney Brown and welcome with Mr. Derrick Woodson and Ms. Stacy Booker. Ms. Mary Tisdale in a riveting account of the purpose of Unity Dayd followed by a selection of some very special guests including:

  • The Rt. Rev. Susan B. Haynes, Bishop of the Southern Diocese of the Episcopal Church

  • Father Joseph Green

  • Mrs. Barbara Malone

  • Dr. Robert L. Satcher, Sr., Ninth President of Saint Paul's College

  • Ms. Krystal Pearson, Director of Technology, Brunswick County Public Schools

  • Mr. Tiquan Goode, Chairman of the Board, The Community Revitalization Coalition, LLC.

  • Mr. Phillip Stone, Former President of Bridgewater College

  • James Meath

  • Frank Roach

  • Dr. Alfred Allison Roberts, Former President of Southside Virginia Community College

SPC4LIFE Unity Day was graced by the beautiful voice of Co-Pastor Patrice Thornhill followed by Alumni testimonials. The event closed out with word of exhortation from Mrs. Barbara Malone and the charge in moving forward with Mr. Christopher Stephenson. The Alma Mater was led by Mrs. Audra Collier followed by the benediction and blessing of the food by Minister Carnell Bagley.

"Honored to get the invitation to attend the SPC4LIFE Unity Day and what a great event this was! This felt like church on a Saturday afternoon; we were actually in church and the ocassion was being hosted by the the Faith Committee. Everyone could feel the love, the fellowship, centered around unity and moving forward...together. SPC4LIFE has the support of The HBCU Nation and we all look forward to witnessing a wonderful comeback of our beloved Saint Paul's College! We believe this is a righteous movement." - Anthony Ray, Founder/Chairman of The HBCU Nation.

SPC4LIFE is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to develop and implement innovative educational, economic and professional programs, services to empower and enable persons to improve the quality of life for individuals and families in Brunswick County, Virginia and beyond. SPC4LIFE envisions a vibrant and prosperous community where all residents share in the cultural, educational, economic and physical development and revitalization of the area. The core values of SPC4LIFE are Humility, Unity and Transparency. Visit and connect on Facebook at for more information

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