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  • Anthony Ray

Science Days with Dr. JAH featured on Smart Fun Stuff

The HBCU Nation is excited to welcome SCIENCE DAYS with Dr. Jalaal A. Hayes, the Founder/CEO/Program Leader of Elyte Universal Network, LLC, Where STEAM education meets Culture. Making STEAM Simple and Accessible . Elyte Universal Network (EUN) is a for-profit Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)- based content entity that focuses on making hard and complex sciences simple and accessible to underrepresented groups.

Science Days is a mini web series where we showcase at-home science experiments that will captivate you and your curiosity on what STEM is and how it applies to everyday life.

You can learn more about SCIENCE DAYS and Elyte Universal Network at

Dr. Hayes can be reached at and on IG @elyteunetwork .

Science Days can be heard on

HBCUiRadio ( and Amazon Alexa ) and seen on

HBCUSmartTV (ROKU, Amazon Firestick &

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