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  • Anthony Ray

Mr. Gerald Hector welcomes Mr. Mark Wright to IT'S EASY SON

This week on "It's Easy Son", Gerald Hector welcomes journalist, writer, editor, producer and creative genius, Mr. Mark Wright to the podcast. A Howard Bison who studied journalism at The Mecca, Mr. Wright shares his journey from childhood to his current role as founder of his own creative writing agency, and his desire to give back to those coming behind him. Known for his work in media, he came in for high praises for his documentary on ESPN, "Redemption Song." A powerful story of overcoming obstacles by the Howard University National Division I soccer champions in soccer.

That victory sparked controversy, and in true Howard Bison spirit, the story pivoted to one of fall and redemption several years later. Mr. Wright is yet another exciting guest within a long line of inspiring guests who will inspire the audience to persevere, and move with purpose and alacrity to change the dynamics in our individual and collective spheres of influence. Tune in and be blessed yet again this week.

It's Easy Son: Life Lessons on Your Journey To Your Promise is a weekly, one-hour broadcast of interviews of thought leaders from a broad spectrum of society where we ask them about their journey from childhood to the place they hold now in society. The show is birthed out of my first book published in October of 2019. It is entitled, "It's Easy Son, Quit Making Things Difficult: Lasting Life Lessons from a Coach and Mentor.

It's Easy Son can be heard on HBCUiRadio ( and Amazon Alexa ) and seen on HBCU Smart TV ( ROKU, Amazon Firestick and, Wednesdays at 8pm ET, Thursdays at 12 noon & 8pm ET and Saturday mornings at 8am ET.

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