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  • Anthony Ray

Mr. Gerald Hector Welcomes Eight-Time Mr. Olympia, Mr. Lee Haney To It's Easy Son

This week Gerald Hector welcomes to "It's Easy Son," eight time Mr. Olympia, Mr. Lee Haney. A man of deep faith, listen in as he discusses his early years growing up, his family, the birth of his love for the sport of body building, and his words of inspiration coming from humble beginnings in Spartanburg, South Carolina to excelling in a sport that requires steely determination and focus.

Now a fitness and nutrition expert, it is rewarding to see that he is still focused on his "Plan A," and is searching for ways to ensure that fitness and a healthy lifestyle are commonplace for so many, especially in the African American community. Bring a friend and listen in to another inspirational and impactful episode on Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 8pm.

It's Easy Son: Life Lessons on Your Journey To Your Promise airs on HBCUiRadio and HBCU Smart TV ( Amazon Fire TV, Roku and on Wednesday evenings at 8pm ET and Sunday for #SmartSundays (stay tuned for time).

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