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Mr. Gerald Hector welcomes Coach Lorne Donaldson to #ItsEasySon

Coach Lorne Donaldson is currently the Head Coach of Jamaica's Reggae Girlz. The Girlz recently competed in the Women's World Cup and exceeded their expectations by making it to the Round of 16 for the first time. They did so by coming out of one of the toughest groupings in the first round. That accomplishment was the first not only for the island of Jamaica, but also for Caribbean countries. He assumed the role of Head Coach two weeks prior to the qualifying stage of the competition.

An accomplished football player in his own right, he has been a part of the Reggae Girlz drive to become a global powerhouse in football for several years. He was a member of the coaching staff that saw the Reggae Girlz qualify and compete in their first World Cup in 2019. He has been one of the Reggae Girlz most ardent supporters and responded to the call when fellow coach and friend Hugh Menzies asked him to assist him and daughter of reggae icon Bob Marley, Cedella Marley, to revive a fledging women's program on the island. To say that he met his goal is an understatement. His skill, acumen and focus despite all the challenges is admirable and an inspiration to young coaches who are trying to shape a coaching career.

A talented three sport athlete from a young age, it was his love for football that allowed for his career and passion for the game to be piqued. Not only did he play football in high school at the illustrious Kingston College for boys, but he took his talents to college and then to the professional ranks in the United States. After several setbacks and disappointments he settled into coaching, and the rest is history. One thing that is interesting in his background are the many stops he made along the way to realize his current role as one of the more exciting football teams in the world.

A former coach of the Colorado Foxes, and having stints with several other clubs, he has focused his time and energy on developing youth players. It is that desire to see youth football blossom and grow in his native land of Jamaica that drives him forward.

He has shaped and fashioned the careers of so many young football players and coaches, but more importantly he has given numerous young stars their first opportunities to play at the highest levels of the sport. He is a huge advocate for the true student athlete experience paving the way for scholarship opportunities for his players to gain entrance into some of the most prestigious universities in the United States that have football programs.

His life journey thus far is one of impact and significance. It is one that shows that perseverance and staying true to our dreams do make a difference. His next objective is to see the Reggae Girlz to next year's Olympics and we are all watching to see how this talented team continues to grow and develop football in both Jamaica and the world.


It's Easy Son airs on Wednesdays (8pm) and can be viewed on HBCU Smart TV , LinkedIn (@TheHBCUNation) and heard on HBCUiRadio and Soundcloud

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