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  • Anthony Ray

Mr. Gerald Hector welcomes Dr. Otis Moss, Jr. to "It's Easy Son"

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

This week Gerald Hector welcomes theologian, pastor, academician and scholar, Dr. Otis Moss Jr. to "It's Easy Son".

Listen in as Dr. Moss shares stories and metaphors from his early years growing up, the influence of his family, church and community, his work in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, his love for Morehouse College and all HBCUs and his sense of where we are currently in terms of the work he was a part of so many years ago. The work must continue. This interview is a continuation of this podcast's goal to draw wisdom, knowledge and perspectives from those who have paved the way for so many individuals. We are keen on melding the wise with the young who are leaving vibrations in the earth so we continue the necessary dialogues. Take a listen and be blessed, challenged, and inspired on how we can get out of the "alley" in which we currently find ourselves."


It's Easy Son: Life Lessons on Your Journey To Your Promise airs on HBCUiRadio and HBCU Smart TV ( Amazon Fire TV, Roku and on Wednesday evenings at 8pm ET and Sunday for #SmartSundays (stay tuned for time).

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