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  • Anthony Ray

Join us tonight for IN THE HUDDLE with special guest, Pastor John Moore

Join us Monday, 7pm ET for In the Huddle with Lurone "Coach" Jennings for a great interview on his personal journey and where we are now as  with Pastor John Moore.

In the Huddle with Lurone "Coach" Jennings is a weekly one-hour broadcast on HBCUiRadio which topics include Professional Development, Economic Empowerment and Upward Mobility.  Coach Jennings is a proud alumn of Fisk University, located in Nashville Tennessee.  In the Huddle with Lurone "Coach" Jennings broadcasts on @HBCUiRadio and @HBCUSmartTV ( Amazon Fire TV and Roku) on Monday evenings at 7pm ET and weekends at 9am and 3pm ET. 

You can join Lurone Jennings on Facebook and Instagram InTheHuddle.Live and

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