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Beyond the Classroom special guest, Dr. JAH

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Join us Monday at 5pm for Beyond the Classroom with Host, Dr. Trina L. Coleman as she talks with Dr. Jalaal A. Hayes, also known as "Dr. JAH" on @HBCUiRadio and HBCU Smart TV!

North Philadelphia native, Dr. Jalaal A. Hayes, or Dr. JAH became the youngest Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry in America at the age of 22. His mission is to help students and educators increase engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with the integration of the arts (STEAM) through interactive workshops, speaking engagements, and curriculum development.

Dr. Hayes has expertise in Sustainable Chemistry, specifically to develop cutting edge biomass sources that are environmentally sound; to create and innovate economically feasible and environmentally friendly energy sources (e.g. solar, wind energy, hydrogen energy, and bioenergy) and to build curriculums that will be applicable to the cutting edge STEAM markets for 2020 and beyond. Dr. Hayes is a graduate of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and Delaware State University.

Beyond the Classroom with Dr. Trina Coleman explores thought provoking topics relevant to HBCUs, STEM and the intersection between the two. Dr. Coleman, is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) advocate and subject matter expert with a passion for education. Beyond the Classroom will delve into matters such as, STEM outreach, the race/gender gap in STEM professions, research, entrepreneurship, access to technology and the digital divide for underserved communities, career options, and the important role that HBCUs play to help provide solutions for these concerns in today’s techno-centric landscape.

Beyond the Classroom broadcasts on @HBCUiRadio and @HBCUSmartTV ( Amazon Fire TV and Roku) weekdays at 5pm ET.  

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