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  • Anthony Ray

HBCUiRadio welcomes #TheKultureShock with Hampton Alumni, Greg Scott and X. Scott

Greg Scott and X. Scott presents their new podcast, The KULTURE SHOCK to The HBCU Nation family on media platform, HBCUiRadio.

The KULTURE SHOCK is a podcast hosted by entrempreneur and community influencers, "X" Scott and Greg Scott. This broadcast will discuss a multitude of topics including sports, social issues and culture. The KULTURE SHOCK is driven to inspire and shock KULTURE.

X. Scott is Chairman & C.E.O at Mann-Up Multi Media / Management , LLC and Owner/CEO of The Kulture Shock.

Greg Scott is President and CEO of Cover3Foundation and Retired Washington Redskin and Cincinnatti Bengal Defensive End.

This broadcast is sponsored by Cover3Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 organization provides positive experiences for all youth through mentoring, nutrition education and community fellowship! For more information connect on...

IG: @TheKultureShock19,

Facebook: @TheKultureShock

Facebook: @GregScott or visit

The Kulture Shock is a thirty minute weekly broadcast that airs Tuesdays at 8pm on HBCUiRadio. To listen via Tunein ( and Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker). Visit for more information.

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