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Glenn Best welcomes Charnell Neptune-Darby MA, LPMHC to the Black Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame

In this episode of the Black Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame - Women Pioneer Series, Host, Glenn Best welcomes Charnell Neptune-Darby MA, LPMHC!

Charnell Neptune-Darby MA, LPMHC is the founder and CEO of C Neptune Darby Consulting Services INC. She encourages and empowers non-profit and for-profit organizations to cultivate, nurture, and develop their visions through mental health education with a trauma informed care mindset. Charnell has been in the mental health field for the past 10 years. Charnell has a range of child welfare, training and facilitation experience. Charnell also has clinical experience which includes intergenerational trauma, intimate partner -gender based violence, complex trauma in children and families, anxiety, and depression. Working as a mental health professional has provided more insight into a lot of individuals rooted in trauma and how the workplace can sometimes trigger and resurface unresolved issues. Charnell believes through specific guidance, training implementation and support that organizations will engage their employees from a trauma informed lens. Charnell strongly believes that you do not need to be a licensed clinical professional to craft a plan that focuses on trauma informed care practices. All you need is a good heart, compassion and motivation for change. Charnell currently works as a Program Director of Residential Services for Sanctuary for Families transitional family domestic violence shelter. She focuses on the daily operations and programming of residential services. Charnell is a part of the DEI committee, and other committees that provide more support to staff and working professionals. She also is currently an Independent Contractor for Action for Child Protection which is contracted by New York State Administration for Children Services to deliver and facilitate child welfare trainings to various New York City non-profit and prevention agencies. Charnell received her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice for Monroe College of New Rochelle. She held a certification for Clinical Child & Adolescent Trauma Professional. Charnell is currently working towards her permanent licensure to practice clinical therapy long term in New York State.


The Black Excellence Alliance Series is a consortium of Black leaders and organizations focused on the development of the Black diaspora through education, employment and entrepreneurship.

Black Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame can be viewed on HBCU Smart TV and heard on HBCUiRadio, Thursdays at 8pm.

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