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Glenn Best welcomes 4.0 Analytics, Inc.'s Mark L Scotland to the Black Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame

Mark L. Scotland is Co-founder & CEO of 4.0 Analytics, Inc., a software and data analytics company specializing in vehicle engine and emissions systems. The company has developed

Mechanic on Board® technology, a software solution enabling “your own personal mechanic” to

ride with the vehicle 24/7 while remotely helping improve fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance

costs, and reduce carbon emissions. Its impact, through pilots and demonstrations, has been

recognized in both public and private sectors including consumer vehicles and commercial

fleets, State and Federal regulatory authorities related to vehicle emissions testing and

compliance programs required in 31 States, and multiple channels within the automotive sector.

An entrepreneur and true innovator with 25+ years of experience, Mark was previously the Co-

founder and CEO of an automotive diagnostic technology company that was built from a four

person R&D start-up to an OEM of a nationally and internationally award-winning diagnostic

tool with two patents. Although Mark has been recognized for his skills in product market fit,

national business development, government affairs and strategic planning, his key attribute is

foresight in addressing complex structural problems for clients and communities. The

company’s top priority is addressing climate change by focusing on the number one sector for

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions which is the transportation sector.

Although culturally competent since both companies Co-founded by Mark were the first ever,

and currently only to this day, Black owned companies in this sector, he remains an optimistic

advocate for change with a sensitivity for the challenges minority-business enterprises and

communities face. Mark is quoted as saying: “I’m excited to share and empower. A greater

motivational force for me and our diverse team is we’re not only the first Black company to

develop this technology, but we’re also the first company ever, anywhere globally, to develop

this groundbreaking technology. We’d like to be known for empowering others with this


Mark received his BA degree from the University of Rhode Island. He received his private pilot’s

license in 1979 while at college.


The Black Excellence Alliance Series is a consortium of Black leaders and organizations focused on the development of the Black diaspora through education, employment and entrepreneurship.

Black Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame can be viewed on HBCU Smart TV , Facebook and LinkedIn (@TheHBCUNation) and heard on HBCUiRadio, Sunday at 7pm.

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