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Cherissa Jackson's Live At The Table with special guest, Lakeydra Houston

The second episode airing on HBCU Smart TV and HBCUiRadio features special guest, Lakeydra Houston. Lakeydra Houston is a US Air Force member who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Chief Executive Officer of KEY Fit, Knowledge, Empowerment and You-nity, which mentors groups on fitness, wellness and suicide awareness to increase life productivity.

She earned her Associates degree in Criminal Justice, Human Resources and currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Leadership from Trident International University. She is a certified resiliency trainer with over 7+ years of experience within domestic violence programs, youth empowerment organizations, sexual assault prevention and mental health.

Her community outreach includes working with high school students to provide educational

tools, mentoring, and counseling. She is currently a member of Air Force Sergeants Association,

Security Forces Association, Air Force Resiliency Team and Military Fresh Network to name a

few. She is looking to make impact within the military community, bridge the gap of knowledge

between our civilian counterparts while continuing to serve others.


Cherissa Jackson's Live At The Table is a unique broadcast that delves into the stories of women veterans. There are over 2 million women veterans who honorably served this country.

"Our voices and courageous stories should be heard. We will not be forgotten, excluded or ignored. We are innovators, CEOs, entrepreneurs impacting the world. YOU want us at your table to gain our expertise. Live At The Table will encourage, motivate and inspire you." - Cherissa Jackson.


Live At The Table can be heard on HBCUiRadio ( and Amazon Alexa ) and seen on HBCU Smart TV ( ROKU, Amazon Firestick and,

Wednesdays at 7pm ET, Thursdays at 2pm and Saturdays at 12pm ET.

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