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  • Anthony Ray

BLOOD RAW joins THE KULTURE SHOCK tonight at 8pm!

THE KULTURE SHOCK PODCAST has top 5 Billboard charting artist BLOOD RAW on to y’all about how he persevered through a potential Life sentence in prison. He also goes into great detail on how he made a transition  from beating a Federal Drug case , to becoming an international icon.

The KULTURE SHOCK is a podcast hosted by entrepreneur and community influencers, "X" Scott and Greg Scott. This broadcast will discuss a multitude of topics including sports, social issues and culture. The KULTURE SHOCK is driven to inspire and shock KULTURE.

X. Scott is Chairman & C.E.O at Mann-Up Multi Media / Management, LLC and Owner/CEO of The Kulture Shock. Greg Scott is President and CEO of Cover3Foundation and Retired Washington Redskin and Cincinnati Bengal Defensive End.

This broadcast is sponsored by Cover3Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 organization provides positive experiences for all youth through mentoring, nutrition education and community fellowship! For more information connect on:

IG: @TheKultureShock19,

Facebook: @TheKultureShock

Facebook: @GregScott or visit

The Kulture Shock is a thirty minute weekly broadcast that airs Tuesdays at 8pm on HBCUiRadio. To listen via Tunein ( and Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker). Visit for more information.

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