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  • Anthony Ray

"Better Understand Your Unique Calling" on GOD is CEO with Olivia Omega on HBCUiRadio

We were each created for a purpose and placed here for a reason. The best way to understand why something was created is to look to its creator. Genius right? The keys and clues to understanding your purpose can be found in the unique DNA that was placed inside of you. We can also learn this from looking at fish...the barracuda to be exact.

The GOD is CEO podcast inspires faith-driven entrepreneurs to put God in the driver’s seat of their businesses and lives. Host Olivia Omega is an entrepreneur, wife, mom and firm believer that our entrepreneurial purpose goes beyond our products or services. The podcast takes listeners on a journey elevating God’s role in life, family, relationships and entrepreneurship by taking cues from the ultimate Chief Executive Officer. By placing God at the forefront of how we navigate business we remain grounded and rooted in hope and inspired by faith.

GOD is CEO can be heard Sundays at 10am & 6pm ET and Monday mornings at 8am ET on HBCUiRadio ( and Amazon Alexa Smartspeaker ("Alexa, play H-B-C-U-I-Radio)

Olivia can be followed on:

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