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"African Americans and the Internet" with Mr. Albert E. White

Thirty years of business and finance experience Advisor to some of the most successful CEOs in the country. Vast experience in the technology area: HealthCare, Energy, Disaster Services, Communications, and Internet of Things. Mr. White is a known visionary in identifying

market niches.

Mr. White has been successful in building capacity for small and medium-sized federal contractors. He was responsible for negotiating the most significant subcontract that AT&T had ever signed

in its history with a Minority-Owned Business in the ’90s. He was a member of the original

management team that first commercialized the Internet, Network Solutions. He was

responsible for providing the marketing strategy to promote the first use of the Global Internet to the public. Mr. White has completed his first book about the history of the Internet.


When African Americans Controller the Internet

And What Happens Now?

For more than 16 years, Mr. White has been an advisor and formerly CEO for Dr. Lonnie

Johnson, one of the leading and most successful inventors in our country with more than 100 patents. Mr. White was responsible during his tenure at Excellatron Solid State, for securing more than $4.5 million in technology development grants in the Energy area from NIST and several DOD agencies. Later negotiated a contract modification with Microsoft for Dr. Johnson valued at $36 million.

Mr. White has an extensive finance and investment background as Senior Consultant to

Safeguard Scientific, a leading publicly- owned venture capital company. He was a former

International Banking Officer with JP Morgan and Bankers Trust Company (acquired by

Deutsche Bank). In January 2016, he formed a Consulting Service, Polaris Advisory Group,

LLC, to provide funding and marketing strategy for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

with a focus in the areas of Energy, Health Care, Information Technology and Government


He was featured in the New York Times, Black Enterprise Magazine, New York Daily News,

etc. Mr. White has been a noted presenter at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch and Rainbow

Push Conferences: Raising Capital for International Projects and How to Identify Business

Opportunities in the future for Minority Firms. Mr. White received his MBA degree in Finance

from Columbia University and a BS degree in Marketing/Economics from the University of

Denver. Postgraduate work at the University of Michigan in Marketing Strategy.

He has held board seats on publicly owned and non-profit companies. A native of Brooklyn,

New York, living in Silver Spring, Maryland today. He has three adult children who all operate

their own companies.

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