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A Mother’s Love Always Shines And Never Fades Away

Mother’s Day is a special day for special people. We love and

honor our mothers with a day devoted especially to them.

Happy Mother’s Day was celebrated on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

Many of us have celebrated a lot of these days with our moms.

We take them out to eat, give them flowers and treat them like


A mother’s love is unconditional. Simply put, they’ll always love us. While we will have faults along the way, our mothers will be

supportive and will be our refuge in times of challenge. We all have stories about our moms. I have one and so do you.

They are filled with laughter, tears, happiness and sadness. The strength of a mom is undeniable. When we are down and

need encouragement, they give us counseling and self-confidence.

My mom passed away many years ago.

She left an indelible mark upon my mind and soul.

It is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. I

wonder what she would do in certain situations and of course I

wonder what she would think of me now.

My mother was a registered nurse (RN) in Winston-Salem North

Carolina at Kate Bitting Reynolds Hospital. She possessed a kind

and gentle spirit which I suspect led her into the healthcare field.

While that was her profession, that was only a small part

of who she was.

Everyone in our neighborhood knew who Mrs. Mildred Ewers

was. There were always people in our house either eating or

talking and sometimes both.My dad respected and loved her

because of her persona and the way she made others feel around her.

There were other attributes that made her stand out. As I reflect now,

our family was proud of her and her accomplishments.

My mom was a BBC (Black Betty Crocker). She was a master in

the kitchen preparing meals that were delicious. Real macaroni and cheese,

real biscuits and real pinto beans were dishes that we ate daily.

I will say we had leftovers on Monday. She would make some

gravy and put on the fried chicken we had on Sunday.

We didn’t go to fast food places. First, there weren’t many of

them and lastly, my mom’s food was the best. She taught me the

importance of keeping clean and dressing appropriately as I wore

shirts and ties at a very young age. The habit of dressing well has

stayed with me throughout my life, and it is because of her.

She always wanted me to look a certain way so that people

would know that I came from a home with standards. One of

those standards both of my parents instilled in me was how to

treat people. They knew that how you treated people would

gain you respect. They were right.

I have known for many years that treating people with dignity

and respect are fundamental principles in life. People don’t

want to know how much you know until they know how much

you care.

Education was valued in my home. My mom stressed the

importance of having a good education. She believed that

having one would lead to having a successful life.

She would tell me on countless occasions you must combine

having a good work ethic with having a good education. Having

the drive and the determination would shape my ability to get a

good job. She was right.

My mom was the greatest. Without her, I would have been a

frame without a foundation. I realize as I am in the 4th quarter

of my life how truly blessed I was to have her as a mom.

If your mom is living, don’t take her for granted. Don’t say you’ll

do it tomorrow because you don’t have time today. Time has a

way of slipping up on us because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

This column is dedicated to my mom, Mrs. Mildred Ewers and

to my aunt, Mrs. Lois Thacker who gave me the tools for

successful living.

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