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Teachers And Guns Don’t Mix. Don’t Start Now.

Have you given any thought to how much things have changed?

It is a fact that things have changed and aren’t what they used

to be.

This is what time will do. It moves things along and we get in

step, or we are left behind. However, does that mean we have

to get in lock step with everything?

It is my opinion we must use our discernment about the trends

that we follow. Not everything is worthy of our time and


We know that school shootings sadly have reached a crisis

point in our nation. Our children and teachers are at risk. Law

enforcement officers are also being challenged by what is

happening today. Lives have been lost and families have been

changed forever.

Every day we mourn their lives and pray for their families.

Words are inadequate as we try to mend broken hearts and

repair families.

Now there is a new trend developing about what to do to stop

violence in schools. There are those who want teachers to

begin taking guns to school. They believe that brandishing a

firearm will curb the tragedies in our schools.

The question written on the chalkboard is, “should teachers

carry guns in schools?

I was a teacher in both high school and college. During my

tenure, there were no guns in schools. In fact, guns weren’t a

topic of conversation.

Students and the larger education community had as its goal

teaching and learning. The environment we lived in wanted

children to reach their full potential and for teachers to enjoy

their positions.

Teachers were valuable members of their communities. Who

would harm a student or a teacher? If you did, your life would

be forever changed. Your reputation would be ruined, and your

character would be assailed.

Now our society has changed. Values that we shared are no

longer cherished. For example, teachers are under-funded and

are devalued. A moral decline has come over our beloved


There are states now that are moving closer to allowing

teachers to carry guns in schools. Leaders in them have been

proactive in their efforts to create legislation that will allow it to


In my opinion, these states are short-sighted and are putting

more people at risk. When teachers are preparing for work,

does he\she pack a pistol?

Just thinking about that scenario is both frightful and sad. It is

my strong opinion that teachers should not carry guns in


Having teachers with guns around students at any level during

the day is dangerous and alarming. There is simply too much

unplanned that can happen with an armed teacher in a


What would happen if a teacher’s gun was stolen or misplaced?

What if a young child unknowingly took possession of a

teacher’s gun? There would be wholesale panic, and the

authorities would probably be called.

There must be some other ways to keep schools safe. First off,

every school system in this country must know and understand

that a school shooting could happen to them. Therefore,

safeguards must be in place and installed. Being reactionary

after something tragic happens is the wrong approach. Beef up

before and not afterwards!

Having security guards is a must. Having checkpoints before

entering schools is a must. Knowing where police stations are in

relationship to the school is a must. These are my opinions.

The debate on whether to have guns in schools is not going

away. Pro-gun folks are going to be dogged and determined to

have teachers carrying guns. If you are against teachers carrying

guns in schools, you too must speak up and speak out.

Unfortunately, but I believe true, we have not seen the last

school shooting. It is up to us to strengthen and enhance our

systems in order to keep our children and teachers safe. I

believe we can agree upon that fact.

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