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“Born to Lead! The Thrilling Success Story of One of the Divine Nine: Dr. Glenda Glover”

“Born to Lead! The Thrilling Success Story of One of the Divine Nine: Dr. Glenda Glover” looks at the life of Dr. Glenda Glover. The children’s book explores Glover’s love of education and learning from her early days in Memphis, Tennessee to becoming the first female president of Tennessee State University and running the first Black female sorority simultaneously. Fittingly told in kid-friendly language, it’s a story that teaches young girls everywhere why they’re born to lead. Each page is filled with words of its era, pictures and quotes intertwined into the conversational setting of a loving family’s home. “Born to Lead! The Thrilling Success Story of One of the Divine Nine: Dr. Glenda Glover” also teaches children that now is always the time to do what’s right. Additionally, it gives children hope while teaching them to look to their spiritual guide, GOD. It also includes an inspiring letter from Dr. Glover to young girls everywhere. “It's okay to be different. I challenge you to be distinct. Strive not only to be the first, but be the best in all you do. Blaze a trail so bright that it lights up a path for others to follow,” said Dr. Glover. About the Author: Katina Rankin is a journalist whose many accolades include Emmy-nominations for her reporting on Emmett Till and a food desert in Quitman County and awards such as Mississippi Woman of the Year Award, Shero of the Year Award for her work with women and children, Mid-South Influencer of the year for work with children in Jamestown, Ghana, and selection of Mississippi Women For Progress Achievement for pushing the limits and taking risks in her writing and journalism career. “Born to Lead! The Thrilling Success Story of one of the Divine Nine: Dr. Glenda Glover” by Katina Rankin ... * Imprint: Kindle Direct Publishing * On sale: August 8, 2021 * Price: $14.99 * Pages: 30 * Available on Amazon CONTACT: Katina Rankin Twitter: @KatinaRankin Facebook: @KatinaRankinOfficial Instagram: @KatinaRankin KR Katina Rankin Author of "Up North, Down South: City Folk Meet Country Folk", “Kendall’s Kitchen: Healthy and Hearty Recipes for Kids”, “Emmett Till: Sometimes Good Can Come Out Of A Bad Situation”, “Medgar Evers: He Taught His Kids To Crawl So We Could Stand” and March On Children! The Story of James Meredith’s March Against Fear”, plus, “The Peace Drum: A Kofi Tale”.Available on,, Mid-South Kroger Stores, Mid-South Sam's Clubs, the National Civil Rights Museum's Gift Shop, and Two Mississippi Museum Gift Shop. Founder of Katina’s Klassroom, a 501c3 Non-profit.

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